Travel Book Ideas: How To Organize Your Favorite Adventure Photos

by Alex Melen on August 04, 2022

Travel Book Ideas How To Organize Your Favorite Adventure Photos

Digital photography simply translates to a shorter wait time to have your film developed. In addition, you do not have to pay for frames that have been wasted on lousy images. However, it may also mean that your adventure photos may eventually get stuck on an SD card, computer, or hard drive instead of out in the world where you and your friends and family can enjoy. To organize your favorite adventure photos in a more creative way, why not try putting together a travel photo book? It lets you capture your beautiful memories in a way that you and your family and friends will appreciate.

Why Create a Travel Photo Book?

A travel photo book is portable so you can take it wherever you go to share with your friends and family about your adventures. Your loved ones always love hearing and seeing what you have been up to and the travel photo book is easy to carry around. A travel photo book is also easy to share, as it does not require any loading or application. You can enjoy a more intimate and tactile experience as compared to showing your loved ones your adventure photos on a screen. Travel photo books also make a good decor piece which can be placed on your dining table, TV console, and others.

Making a Travel Photo BooK


  • Photo Exchange - Before editing and sorting your photos for a travel photo book, make a photo exchange with your friends or family whom you traveled with. Some of them may have captured better pictures or they may have photos that you would like to include in your album.
  • Select a Theme - It is easy to get overwhelmed when you are creating a travel photo book. There are so many themes to choose from and you may end up printing more photos than you had planned. Select a different theme for each travel photo book and you can select the respective photos for each book.
  • Scan Memorabilia - Be sure to scan any other memorabilia to include together inside your travel photo book. You can scan your boarding passes, labels, receipts and other items. These memorabilia will make your travel photo book even more interesting.
  • Edit and Sort - Select your best photos and edit them before sending for printing. You can adjust the lighting, get rid of red eyes, and more. Preview the photos in a higher resolution to get rid of anything that you do not like.
  • Wrap Your Cover - For high-resolution photos, you can use them to wrap your travel photo book. The cover photo will make your book appear more striking and exciting. It is recommended to make use of landscape photos so that they will wrap nicely throughout the length of your travel photo book.
  • Be a Storyteller - Consider the angle of your story. Ordering your photos in a chronological order will take your viewers through your itinerary as how you had experienced it. This is important if you wish to accompany your photos with your travel diary.