Want to Personalize Your Favorite Spaces? Try Custom Wall Art!

by Photo Book Expert on December 10, 2021

Woman Hanging Wall Art

Have you ever walked into a home or apartment that didn’t have a single piece of decoration or personalization on any wall? It feels a little bleak, doesn’t it?

Now, take a look at your own walls. Do you have anything hanging from their surfaces? Maybe you do, but the decoration is little more than old posters or boring picture frames.

Whether they’re in your home or office, if you have large stretches of wall that could hold more or better decoration, you should be excited.


Because those spaces represent the perfect opportunity to fill them with exciting, attractive, or meaningful pieces of art. Today, let’s discuss custom wall art as a concept and dive into some exciting ideas for transforming your favorite spaces!

What is Custom Wall Art?

The spaces you spend the most time in can influence your mood, appetite, and even your overall personality to a surprising degree. That’s why it’s important to take the time to put a human touch on those spaces, perhaps by filling those bland white walls with a bit of color.

Custom wall art printing allows you to find images, either from your own camera roll, social media pages, or artwork you appreciate, and make them into pieces of decoration. Whether those images are of people, objects, logos, abstract shapes, colors, educational information, or otherwise, they will instantly bring life to your space.

The best thing about custom wall art is its incredible flexibility. When you choose to print it, your pieces can take on virtually any shape or size and be printed on a huge range of materials. Some people opt for simple posters, while others may want popular canvas prints, wood, acrylic, tapestries, or even some metals – and the size of the piece is only limited by the size of your printing partner’s print equipment.

Is Custom Wall Art Printing Only for Personal Prints?

Not at all.

While personal artwork and photographs are commonly made into custom wall art by individuals and families, businesses everywhere use custom printing companies to create large orders of wall art for their offices and stores. Businesses love showing off their products and services in their decorations, and some choose to regularly update spaces with employee spotlights or new and interesting photography.

Custom wall art is also extremely popular in school classrooms, restaurants, libraries, coffee shops, events and conferences, and even industrial facilities.

Custom Wall Art Ideas

Here are some great ideas you can use to transform your favorite spaces, no matter where they may be in your world:

  • Black and white photographs wall art
  • Employee of the Month spotlight wall art
  • Family history photographs wall art
  • Travel memories photographs wall art
  • Personal artwork collections wall art
  • Personal photography portfolios wall art
  • Wedding memories photographs wall art
  • Panoramic photographs wall art
  • Inspirational quotes wall art
  • Scientific themes wall art
  • Patriotic or religious wall art

Ready to get started printing your personalized wall art ideas? At PhotoBook Press, we’re happy to work with individuals and businesses alike as they transform their favorite spaces. For more information on our custom wall art printing services, contact us today!