What Makes Acrylic Picture Frames Better Than Other Frames

by Alex Melen on August 04, 2022

What Makes Acrylic Picture Frames Better Than Other Frames

Glass picture frames have always been one of the many options that people choose from when deciding to put up a wall art. When you browse through different collections, though, you will get to see that there are other choices to include in your list. Glass, after all, is fragile and heavy, although scratch-resistant. One of the good choices you have to replace traditional glass frames are acrylic picture frames.

What are Acrylic Picture Frames?

These frames are made out of a shatter-resistant and flexible plastic known as plexiglass. This strong and durable material is unlikely to break, thus making it better than glass picture frames out there. They weigh much less than their glass counterparts, and while they are pricier than the latter, they are actually cheaper to ship. You can be sure they will remain intact when transported from where you ordered them, right into your doorsteps.

Other Things that Make Acrylic Frames Stand Out

Most frames come in clear finishes, making them perfect choices for photography and artwork, most especially those that come in vibrant colors. All the details of the image are easily seen through these frames. While this is a good thing, there is a chance that the clear finish will be highly reflective, resulting to glare issues once direct light strikes the surface. It will be hard to appreciate the image on the wall if that happens.

Acrylic frames come with a distinct characteristic that makes them stand out among the rest of the pack. They have non-glare properties that can eliminate sunlight and direct light from hitting the frame. That actually allows it to disperse sunshine and enhance the image's visibility. This is also ideal for black and white images.

Good Oxidation for Acrylic Picture Frames

Imagine having personalized acrylic prints ready for framing. If you choose acrylic as a material for your frames, you can be sure that it won't be damaged and discolored even when exposed to sunshine, wind and rain. You can even add different colors depending on your preference. Since it is easy to process, you will love the outcome even more.

Better than Wood Frames too

Acrylic frames are also better than their wood counterparts. This is because when compared to wood frames, these versions are easy-to-clean, and are also dust-proof as well. Acrylic frames also have good resistance, which means that broken parts tend not to produce a large range of debris.

Summing Things Up

Whether you have been a wood frame fan or an avid follower of glass frames, no one will prohibit you from making a transition from these traditional frames to using an acrylic version instead. After all, frames using acrylic are noted to have distinct traits that make them stand out. You have to take advantage of the fact that they are lighter, have better resistance to the elements, and can make wall art look better. They may be pricier at first, but knowing that they are more durable than other frames, you will not spend as much as you would when changing glass and wooden frames every now and then.