What Makes HD Acrylic Prints More Special Than Regular Prints?

by Alex Melen on November 02, 2022

What Makes HD Acrylic Prints More Special Than Regular Prints?

Maybe you've been looking at different print possibilities for your photos, or maybe you're trying to find some impressive wall art. You've undoubtedly heard of acrylic prints and even seen a few, and you're convinced of their incredible color depth & brilliance.

Although acrylic prints are quite impressive, is there a difference between a normal print and an HD picture print? In this essay, we'll discuss why HD acrylic prints are more unique.

About HD Acrylic Prints

HD stands for "high definition," and when referring to acrylic picture prints, this phrase may be used relatively loosely. Any face mounted acrylic print will be in HD, or high definition, because of how the light interacts with the picture and is refracted. However, printing the image on unique media will give it more detail and sharpness.

There are two techniques to create an acrylic print. The back of the acrylic sheet is covered with the picture using the Direct Printing technique, which is one way to make an acrylic print. The picture is thus accurate when seen from the front. Like with any inkjet printing method, the inks are deposited directly to the acrylic in dot form. Although it's often less expensive and still produces fantastic results, this process isn't thought to give the same clarity or sharpness as printing on photographic paper.

The Face Mounting technique must be used in order for an acrylic print to be regarded as HD. Here, photographic paper that is affixed to the back of the acrylic sheet after the picture has been printed on it.

Why HD Acrylic Prints are Better

Even while it still results in a delightfully distinctive output, publishing straight onto an acrylic sheet is different from printing on high-quality photographic paper. Numerous photographic materials are available, and any reputable print shop will utilize high-quality sheets.

Higher resolution and detail may be combined with more sharpness. But metallic paper is used to provide a little additional sparkle and flair.

To do this unusual paper justice, you need a crisp, high-resolution photograph. In addition to high contrast, deeper blacks, and brilliant colors, it produces a shimmering appearance.

The acrylic itself is the last and most crucial factor in why acrylic prints, whether direct prints or face mounts, give superb clarity, depth, vibrant color, and an almost 3D look. Greater refraction is produced and more brilliance is attained with thicker acrylic.

Light is refracted through acrylic, which gives the impression that the picture is illuminated.

The photographic print is sandwiched and sealed against the acrylic, which is also thicker and of excellent quality, as opposed to just hanging a picture in a frame of acrylic that can be purchased at a store. The picture is seen the right way around when viewed from the front, much like direct printing.

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