What Makes Layflat Photo Books A Popular Choice For Marketing Communications

by Alex Melen on August 04, 2022

What Makes Layflat Photo Books A Popular Choice For Marketing Communications

Marketing is all about getting your message to your target audience in the most appealing way possible. To do so, one cannot go without an eye-catching copy and design. For those looking to publish their marketing material, while there are many options available, why not go for layflat photo books that can best present your content?

What Are Layflat Books?

Before we go into anything else, let’s first quickly understand our subject matter. Layflat books are photo books that have a type of binding that uses one continuous sheet of Photo Lustre paper for each page. When opened, each page spread lays completely flat across the center fold.  Most people would be familiar with layflat books by associating them with weddings, as they were traditionally only sold to be used as wedding photo albums. In recent years, layflat photo books have been gaining in popularity and traction as more websites now support this format.

General Issues Marketing Content Has with Print

Having your text and graphics appear the way you expect them to be on print can be tricky. Often you will find that the final product is not what you expected visually and even seems to lack that punch it was meant to have. For these, the factors you have to thank for the occasional or perhaps more often than not less than disappointing results, include the paper type and binding of the publication.

Regular book bindings would have individual pages glued in the binding. This causes a page to curl as a reader get nearer to the center of the book. The page curl results in bits of information disappearing in the area of the page around the spine of the book.

What Can Layflat Books Do for Your Content?

  • The lack of a gutter area gives way for more design options. You can play around with your page layout such as landscape layouts that open to panoramas. Marketing is all about anticipating consumer changes and staying relevant. With a wider range of designs that you can utilize with layflats, you can appeal to your target audience in more ways, more effectively and creatively.
  • As printing for layflat books is done on high-quality Photo Lustre paper, the graphics will stand out and achieve their maximum impact on the reader. Today, there is so much marketing material out there calling for the public’s attention. When you produce content, you want it to catch as many eyeballs as possible. Although the competition is tough, having clear, beautiful graphics can give you that edge over the rest. We are all drawn to bright and attractive things. High-quality graphics that layflat books offer can both capture and retain attention well.
The attention span of humans is relatively short, so content should as much as possible be presented in a way that allows information to be viewed and processed quickly. The information on layflat books is easier to view than other binding options when opened, as the content on the page can be viewed from more angles. The display makes it a great option for display at trade shows or in the main area of the office.