What Should 2022 Graduation Announcements Say?

by Alex Melen on June 13, 2022


Your graduation is an important milestone. It's important to acknowledge your hard work and rejoice with the people that matter the most to you. As you start to make plans for the big day, don’t forget your graduation announcements. It’s the first step to start networking and also a good keepsake to look back on in the future. If you’re not sure what to include, we have prepared some tips for you. Whether it’s a college or high school graduation, we’ve got you covered.

Your Graduation Announcement Should Reflect Your Style

Don’t go for generic statements. The wordings in your graduation announcements should express your personality. If done well, it will make a touching impression. Your announcement should be stylish, easy to read, and distinctively you. Besides the important details, you can choose a quote to set the tone for the celebrations that will be taking place. Graduation wishes that emphasize the value of education might be an excellent addition to your announcement.

If you’re sending graduation announcement invitation cards at the same time, remember to include the celebration details!

Take Note of Clarity

Besides setting the tone and style, you'll need to incorporate important information in your graduation announcement:

  • Year of graduation
  • Full name
  • Date of graduation
  • Degree and Major
  • Name of your school
  • Relevant accomplishments

College graduation announcements tend to be more formal as they are usually used for networking or job applications. Aside from the above details, you should also make sure it looks professional. High school graduation announcements, on the other hand, can be a little more playful and casual. Still, you should include your achievements and any plans you might have for the future.

Include Your Photo

Your graduation announcement isn’t complete with your photo! You can include a picture of yourself in cap and gown or plan a photoshoot beforehand. Go to your favorite location, wear clothes that define you, and pose in whatever way you want. Make your graduation announcement as unique as you are.

Sending Your Graduation Announcement

You’ve finalized the wordings and design and sent them to print. Now you need to decide who to send your graduation announcements. It’s time to create a list! You don’t want to leave out important relatives or people who made a positive impact on your education.

Your parents and immediate family members are definitely on your list. Although they would’ve already known of your graduation, they wouldn’t mind getting a graduation announcement that they can use to boast about your achievements. Your extended family is eager to celebrate your achievements too. Even if you don’t meet your cousins or grandparents often, they’ll be excited to receive your announcement.

Send a thank-you note along with your graduation announcement to your teachers, tutors, or anyone who has guided you in the past. They play a great role in shaping who you are today. Inform your friends as well! And if you’re throwing a party, invite them over and share the joy with everyone! Time to let your hair down and have fun!