What To Prepare For A Baby Shower Photo Book

by Alex Melen on October 10, 2022


If you have a friend or relative for whom you recently attended a baby shower, you may have taken any number of pictures. What's more, everyone there probably did the same. Wouldn’t it be great if you could put together a baby shower photo book to give to the dad or mom-to-be? Well, you can. Even better, it's quick and easy!

That said, you will likely want special, particular moments to not only be captured in a picture but included in the photo collection. If you know ahead of time what moments you want, you will be far better off. You can plan for those particular shots.

 Here are some suggestions as to how to prepare for a baby shower photo book.


Of course, you want a picture of the mother to be as she walks in the room and is pleasantly startled by her friends and family jumping out to surprise her with the baby shower. If the shower was planned with her knowledge, you can still have a photo of her entering the room.

Gift Opening

Hopefully there will be lots of gifts involved. You’ll want to make sure pictures are taken of each gift as the mother-to-be opens them.

Dad and Mom

This is optional but, if possible and if everyone is in agreement, whether the father-to-be pops in before the shower or after, you may want a picture of the soon to be parents together in and amongst all of the shower decorations.

Just Mom

Some mothers-to-be aren't excited about getting their picture taken, but many are in full agreement. If they are having problems with body image, do the best you can to take a flattering shot and get it okayed by them before you move on.

Sequence Shots

To every event, there is a beginning, middle, and end. Sequence your shots so you can better follow the story when you're putting the photo book together. Try not to jump around.


If at all possible, natural lighting usually works better than a flash. You may not be able to avoid using the flash, however. Try to put as much light in the room in general, so the flash will only be used if absolutely necessary.

Creating Your Photo Book

Go online and find the photo products company you wish to create your photo book with. We – not surprisingly – recommend Photobook Press. Read through the site to see what kind of products they offer then choose the photo book you want to create.

  • You want to choose the templates to be used for each page.
  • Choose the photos you feel were the absolute best of the best.
  • Follow the instructions given on the site and drop the photos in place.
  • Make sure you review your product before you consider it complete.
  • Once again, follow the instructions to complete your project and get it shipped.

Photobook Press Can Help You Put Together a Great Baby Shower Photo Book

Our Photobook Press website makes it easier than ever to put together a photo book – be it for a collection of baby shower photos, a wedding, graduation, birthday – what have you. With all of our photo book selections, one is bound to suit your purposes precisely. We feature easy to follow instructions on our site. All you have to do is drop in your photo selections.

We can help you create unique photo books, wall art, cards, calendars, and more. You're only limited by the number of pictures you have and your imagination.

If you have any questions or concerns about photo books or our other products/services, use our convenient online form to start a conversation.  You may, however, choose to email us at support@photobookpress.com or give us a call at 888-333-6950 to speak with a representative.

You might be able to save time with an immediate answer if you check out our FAQ page to see if someone else already asked your question.