What's So Special About Hardcover Books?

by Alex Melen on June 13, 2022


What is so special about hardcover books? There’s an intuitive answer to this question. Picture the last time you were at a bookstore, and hunting for your next read. Chances are, you saw a stately hardcover copy of the title you wanted on the shelf, right next to the cheaper softcover. Which did you want to have more, at that moment? You probably wanted the hardcover, if you’re being honest with yourself. Hardcover books just have that special ‘it’ factor that attracts just about anyone. They seem to elevate your bookshelf, office desk, or living room table to the next level. The same principle applies to hardcover photo books. Here are the reasons why hardcover is preferable to paperback, and why hardcover is the right choice for your next foray into photo books. 

Aesthetic Appeal

Photo books, above all else, commonly serve decorative purposes. The hard truth is that hardcovers are more aesthetically desirable. Due to their larger sizes, their covers and spines offer more artistic leeway. There’s more opportunity to include extra detail for enhanced levels of personal expression. Books that benefit from hardcover binding end up with a distinctive look and feel. Place a hardcover book next to a narrower, smaller paperback with a crinkled spine - you’ll realize the obvious disparity. 

Quality and Durability

There are many advantages of hardcover binding, but two are clear standouts: durability and quality. Hardcover photo books are designed to last - whether they sit untouched on the bookshelf, or are flipped through constantly, they will definitely withstand the test of time. Pages in hardcover books are securely attached to well-built, pre-cut boards that keep them strong for years on end. Compared with the relative flimsiness of a magazine, there’s no competition between the hardcover and softcover. For this reason, hardcover photo books are ideal memory savers. Consider hardcover a worthy investment that pays off - choosing a durable photo book that endures just about everything can help memories last forever. 

Enhanced Market Value

In recent years, digital printing for photo books has taken off, creating a thriving industry. Both printers and publishers acknowledge the obvious fact that real value lies with hardcover books. Avid collectors tend to prefer hardcover editions, though paperbacks may have a larger sales volume due to affordability. Hardcover remains the most worthwhile choice for gift-buyers, collectors, and connoisseurs. You can always capture both sections of the market with a subsequent release of a paperback edition, but shouldn’t you head to where the value’s at first? Regardless of whether your photo book consists of a personally curated series of photographs, is meant to showcase your portfolio, or is themed based on an event or holiday, the hardcover is the best choice. 

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