Which Is The Best Paper Type To Use For Your Photobook?

by Alex Melen on December 12, 2022

Which Is The Best Paper Type To Use For Your Photobook

In our experience, people who are unfamiliar with picture books frequently ask this question. They become reluctant to produce picture albums because they worry about the photos fading or getting worse with time. Today, the most, if not all, photo book printers use archival inks, papers, etc. Photo books are designed to be as durable as typical photographic and printed materials. The rapid rate of change in digital media over time, in my opinion, is more worrisome. Where have CDs and DVDs gone? They are not as standard on computers as they formerly were. It is quite easy to lose our photographs as technology develops if we keep them sitting on our cellphones and our hard drives. 

Real archival photographic paper is used to print each and every one of our photo albums. Why does this matter? Real photographic paper is produced expressly for images, as opposed to the normal digital press printed books. Allow us to provide you with some tips on using the right photobook paper type while creating books. 

Deep Matte 

Although this option is a little more costly compared to the others, its appeal as a work of high art and originality makes it worthwhile. A smooth, velvety, non-reflective surface characterizes deep matte. It has a gallery-like appearance and is velvety to the touch. The deep matte works well with pictures that have soft tones and natural lighting. 

Luster Paper 

Our most preferred option is luster. Luster will always offer vibrant hues when in doubt. It is the suggested option for classic photo albums to display every memory. Its delicate texture and lovely reflected gloss are also present. Overall, I believe that most people have a clear inclination but may not be aware of it or have given it much attention. There used to be only two options when getting your photographs printed at the neighborhood pharmacy: matte or glossy. 

If you have a choice back then, stay with it for your picture books. It is the same or similar in terms of reflectiveness and quality, notably for photography books printed on photographic paper. I believe that high gloss or luster papers are the best options for the majority of beginning photo bookmakers. If there is a standard, we would choose luster. It is a wise decision all around. 

High Gloss 

High gloss provides a highly distinct and brilliant appearance. It is very reflective and devoid of any texture. Additionally, this option makes it easier for fingerprints to display. However, the paper is pretty sturdy, and fingerprints are quite simple to remove. The topic of the paper is crucial while choosing one. For instance, we do not believe a picture book of a family vacation to a bright, garish place would look good in Deep Matte. The most vibrant colors in a bright and cheery environment would likely be muted by the Deep Matte paper. For a more creative project, like a photographer's portfolio, Deep Matte or another specialist paper that may enhance an image's colors and tones would be a better choice.