Why Top Custom Gift Card Design Samples For Your Inspiration

by Alex Melen on December 20, 2022

Gift cards are great, but they're only as good as the packaging you put them in. That's why it's important to present your gift card designs in a way that will make them memorable and distinct from all the other options out there. A custom gift card design sample can help you visualize your final product when it comes time to print or assemble your cards. These samples also allow you to see how different types of packaging materials might work with your design before putting all your resources into producing something that may not be right for this particular project. Below are some ways custom gift card design samples can help:

They Give You A Starting Point

Custom gift card designs are more than just images and text; they are used as tools for communication. They should tell the story about your business and its relationship with customers, suppliers, partners, and other important stakeholders. It needs to be clear who is being thanked or rewarded with a gift card because these things can be used in different ways. You can use them as rewards for employees or partners but they may also be given out at conferences or trade shows where people gather together after an event has finished.

A custom design sample will also help you determine what is needed for your design: whether it needs to be printed or engraved, whether there should be any personalization, and how many colors should be used. And finally: what kind of paper stock would best suit your needs?

In addition to these benefits, custom gift card design samples can help you get a sense of what is possible. They give you a starting point for your own design, which can help you work out what is needed for your own design. You might be surprised at how easy it is to get something that looks good and will appeal to your customers with the right typeface and colors—and even more so if they have been customized just for them!

They Help You Decide What Kind Of Packaging You'll Want To Use For Your Gift Cards

The gift card packaging options are numerous. You can choose from cardboard boxes, plastic sleeves, paper envelopes, and even gift card holders.

The package you select will depend on how you plan to use the cards. If they're meant for one-time use only (e.g., giving your child cash so he can purchase his birthday presents), then a standard plastic sleeve may be best as it offers protection against moisture and oil damage while allowing easy access to the gift card inside. However, if you're planning on distributing these cards to multiple people throughout the year (such as at holiday time) or handing them out at an event where there'll be some wear and tear involved (such as a trade show or convention), then it might be better if you opt for something sturdier like cardboard box packaging or even custom gift card holders that have an attached lanyard or clip so people can carry them around comfortably without worrying about damaging them too much during transportation!


If you're looking to create custom gift card designs, our samples can help you get started. We have various types and styles available to choose from, so make sure to check them all out before deciding which one is right for your business needs. If you have any questions at all about what we offer, please feel free to contact us today!