High Quality Materials

Everyone speaks about how important digital is and how important it is to properly communicate your message electronically, and this frequently takes precedence over print. But the challenge is that the virtual age is so cluttered that standing out becomes increasingly difficult. Printed materials, on the other hand, have increased in value. Nonetheless, poorly printed goods, like a weak online message, will likely be ignored in a saturated marketplace.

About Our High-Quality Materials

We strongly think that a person's life narrative is shaped by their lifespan. As a consequence, while making remarkable personalized works for our dedicated customers, we exclusively employ top-grade materials. We ensure the finest possible results on every project by offering an almost limitless number of options to industry professionals and enthusiasts alike.

  • Premium Silk Stock

Silk stock has a softer feel than regular paper and can be likened to a cloth. Silk threads are bound together to provide a rich sensation to the fingertips. This makes it an excellent alternative for goods like yours. The colors used on silk paper will stay bright, accentuating the tiniest details while minimizing reflectiveness.

  • 3mm Thick Polymer

Consider using clear, shiny acrylic for family pictures and DIY projects. Acrylic amplifies color, giving a bolder and more brilliant print than canvas or paper, in conjunction with its fundamentally contemporary appearance. Because it's sturdy and simple to wipe with soap and warm water, the 3mm-thick polymer material has been a favorite among the crowd for decades.

  • Glossy Hardcover

The glossy hardcover is eye-catching. It lends brightness to cover photographs by producing fuller and clearer edges and shades. The gleaming, bright surface attracts attention and reflects a higher-quality product. Hardcovers with a glossy finish are also more durable since they repel filth and fingerprints. Even if it comes into touch with dirt on the surface, it can be readily cleaned.

  • Thick Luster Finish Paper

The ultimate mix of glossy and matte sheets, luster finish paper combines the best features of each. Glossy finishes have rich color and tones, while matte finishes have a subtle texture and are fingerprint-resistant. In addition, luster finish paper looks fantastic in picture books or framed and displayed on a wall.

  • 350 GSM Cardstock

GSM stands for grams per square meter and is used to quantify paperweight. The greater the gsm rating, the heavier and thicker the paper will typically be. When it comes to greeting cards, we are frequently asked what card material we used. Our greeting cards are often printed on 350 GSM card material, which is regarded as the most ideal paperweight.

Why Choose Photobook Press?

Our established brand has been around since 2006. But our team has been making bespoke books since 1985, therefore we have a lot of knowledge in the custom printing sector. We promise a similar turnaround time of 2 to 4 days on almost all of our custom-printed picture books, décor, and other products. You may expect to get your custom printed items in as little as one working week, based on your region and delivery selections.

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