4 Benefits Of Layflat Book Binding

by Alex Melen on August 03, 2022

4 Benefits Of Layflat Book Binding

One of the most aesthetically pleasing book binding options, layflat books are an increasingly popular choice of finishing style. A pleasant alternative to conventional printing and photo albums, they are loved for the wonderful user experience it provides. 

Features of Layflat Books

Unlike perfect binding, the binding mechanisms layflats use allows them to have an extremely narrow gutter. As such, the pages remain completely flat when flipped through, offering readers a seamless view of the entire page layout. They also use thicker and heavier paper than standard photobooks. These pages do not crumple or bend easily. 

The capacity of layflats is rather large. The general page length ranges from 120 to up to a whopping 500 pages, depending on the type of binding selected.

Advantages of Using Layflat Books

Layflats is a fan favorite for good reason. Such layout brings many benefits including: 

  • They present your content in the best possible way, with no visible gutter. Usually, when doing layout designs to be printed in books, most people know not to place important content in that area. Yet, even then, the presentation of content is not able to reach its maximum potential, as the designer has to work within the limits of conventional printing. Layflats solve this issue, allowing more flexibility in page layout and design.
  • Viewing and using it is comfortable and easy. When viewing the content, you no longer need to hold down one page while viewing the other. Such photo books also tend to look more professional, making them more pleasing to the eye and attention-grabbing.
  • It is versatile. This photo book form is suitable for a range of uses. Its professional appearance makes it a good fit for corporate publications and product books. It can also be used for more casual functions- as café table books or lookbooks.
  • Buying one or more will not break the bank. With the many sophisticated details that go into layflat bindings, there is the misconception that it is costly. While it is marginally more expensive than perfect binding, layflats are still priced very reasonably.

When Should You Choose Layflat?

The main deciding factor for going layflat would be for aesthetic reasons. Another reason for choosing this would be if you need to print several or more two-page spreads. The selected photos could be in the form of panoramic photographs of scenery or photographs of a large group of people. You won’t need to crop the photo to have it fit the page!

Layflats are also wonderful for art and photography. Living true to their nature, art and photography have no limits and are fluid in their forms. They usually come in irregular sizes and ratios, so when printed out it would be best to have them in full size in the photo book. The absence of a gutter in the middle brings out the best in the featured piece. It can be used for immortalizing art in a beautiful frame for personal collection, but it is also great for artists and photographers to use it professionally as a portfolio that they can show to clients or feature at exhibitions.