Custom Acrylic Prints: How Long Do They Last?

by Alex Melen on November 02, 2022

Custom Acrylic Prints: How Long Do They Last?

Your logo, photo, or design is shown in a custom acrylic print on a sheet of transparent acrylic that resembles glass. To give a contemporary, bright appeal to any area, we print your custom design straight onto premium, long-lasting acrylic prints. These gleaming displays are ideal for exhibiting gorgeous colors, high-resolution images, and adding remarkable visual depth to any vertical surface. You may just have one question in mind, though: "How long do they last?" To learn more about custom acrylic prints, keep reading!

About Custom Acrylic Prints

Hard, lightweight, and durable plastic is acrylic. Although it looks translucent and like glass, it is shatter-proof. Plexiglas, Acrylite, Lucite, and Perspex are other names for this kind of high-quality acrylic.

High-quality acrylic is directly printed with our custom acrylic prints. This enables a wide variety of modifications, including partly transparent displays and the capacity to print high-resolution pictures in brilliant, full-spectrum color. They may be made to order in terms of bespoke cuts, colors, designs, finishes, and other features.

Custom acrylic prints may be utilized both indoors and outside. They may be used as attractive art displays or as commercial signage. A contemporary, low-maintenance option for long-term displays is this type of material.

Longevity of Custom Acrylic Prints

Long-lasting, high-quality professional acrylic is used to produce custom acrylic prints. It may survive for more than 10 years with appropriate maintenance.

In general, the lifetime will vary based on the region. Your print won't survive as long if it is exposed to the elements outdoors. The average lifetime is 5 to 10 years more.

Adding a laminate can prolong the life of your sign and give it a sleeker, glossier appearance. Furthermore, it will aid with scratch resistance.

Benefits of Custom Acrylic Prints

Our custom acrylic prints are a terrific option and provide consumers with a number of advantages for a strong, striking presentation.

Numerous sign or display demands are met by acrylic printing. These prints will give life to whatever unique design you pick, whether you want to make an outdoor sign displaying your business name and brand or compile a gallery of excellent art photographs. Additionally, we employ UV-resistant inks to guarantee brilliant colors that endure whether you use them indoors or outside.

Our premium acrylic is water-resistant. So, if water, coffee, or any other liquid spills on the print surface, you can easily wipe it off. This feature also makes custom acrylic prints a fantastic display choice for damp environments.

Additionally, lightweight acrylic prints may be hung or mounted on ceilings or walls without worrying about the damage. Furthermore, if you need to move them between sites or bring them with you to events, they are simple to transport.

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Caring for Custom Acrylic Prints

Our custom acrylic prints are built to endure, but in order to keep them in top condition and preserve their excellent quality, adequate maintenance is necessary.

When handled carelessly, acrylic material can readily be damaged or chipped. To guarantee that everything arrives to you in pristine condition, we carefully wrap it. Use care while moving and cleaning it. To avoid unintentional scratches, keep it away from any sharp objects and wrap it in protective wrap or soft fabric while not in use.

To clean the surface, only use a soft, non-abrasive cloth.