Four Advantages Of Softcover Binding For Your Custom Photo Book

by Alex Melen on May 18, 2022
Four Advantages Of Softcover Binding For Your Custom Photo Book

With smartphones able to hold more than 10000 images, you may wonder why photo books are still so popular. The truth is, photo books present a convenient way to look through your photos in a cohesive manner. Whether you arrange your photos by date or themes, you can add names and locations to better remind you of all those wonderful experiences. When you choose to make a photo book, you can choose between softcover binding or hardcover binding. Read on to find out why softcover binding might be the better choice for you!

Softcover Binding is Cheaper

It’s normal to have many photos, who doesn’t want to keep their best memories? However, if you try to turn all these photos into photo books, the costs can add up quickly. Softcover photo books are perfect if you have many photos and don’t feel like parting with any of them. Furthermore, if you want to give photo books to many guests after an event, these are a more cost-efficient choice. If you capture your wedding memories, they could be the perfect gift for wedding guests!

It is Easier to Flip Through

Reading a softcover photo book is like flipping through a magazine. As compared to hardcover binding, softcover photo books are more flexible. This makes them feel more comfortable in your hand as you read. Additionally, softcover binding is usually lighter than hardcover binding. This makes the book easier to hold, especially if you are not resting it on a stable surface when reading it. They might be a little less durable than hardcover photo books but their readability more than makes up for that.

They are Convenient to Pack

Since soft cover photo books are made without a spine, this makes them thinner and sleeker. By taking up less space, they are able to fit into small nooks in your bookshelf easily. If you plan to pack up your photo books during a move or just for storage, softcover photo books are definitely the better option. This can be a key consideration if you plan to make quite a few softcover photo books. For example, if you want to make a photo book documenting each of your children’s key moments, the number of photo books can accumulate quickly. Furthermore, if you plan to gift your softcover photo books, choosing the more packable option can facilitate the delivery process and make it more convenient for your recipient to store the photo books as well!

Soft Cover Photo Books are Simple and Impactful

Softcover photo books are easier to process and make. There is less material and production work involved. This makes it a great choice if you want to commemorate events that are a little less eventful. Whether it’s a collection of day-to-day events or maybe just the annual family gathering, these are things that may not warrant a full hardcover photo book. Save that for your wedding day or graduation! Despite this, choose a premium softcover photo book if you’re looking to combine all the aforementioned benefits with a slightly more luxurious feel and look.