Four Easy Steps To Making A Custom Calendar

by Alex Melen on May 18, 2022
Four Easy Steps To Making A Custom CalendarFour Easy Steps To Making A Custom Calendar

Using the calendar app or any diary app on your smartphone is a convenient way to keep track of your schedule. But a physical calendar can be more practical than your 6-inch phone screen. You can quickly mark important dates with a pen and see everything at one glance.

If you don’t have any physical calendars at home and want to make one, you can easily make a custom calendar with PowerPoint. No worries if you don’t have a Microsoft Office subscription - you can use PowerPoint Online to create a calendar for free. Follow these simple steps to create and print your calendar!

Choose a Template

Check out the Microsoft Office template gallery and browse the available calendar designs for PowerPoint. After picking the one you like, you can download the template and work on it using your PowerPoint desktop app or edit it on your browser. The latter requires you to sign in or create a Microsoft account.

Add Your Photos

You’ve selected the images you want to include. Maybe they’re photos of your pet dog or scenery from your most recent vacation. Now it’s time to get them into your calendar. Replace the present images with your own by right-clicking and selecting “Change picture”. The image sizes, style, and effects are all preserved.

As you place photos on the template, useful guidelines will appear to help you with alignment. They make sure your photos look neat with other elements.

Add Events

Some events might have been included in your template, such as holidays. Include your own by typing inside the box of the particular date. Add in special dates like birthdays, anniversaries, or other meaningful events. If you have new ones to add, just pen them onto your calendar later.

Print Your Calendar

You’re ready to print your calendar. Simply click on File and select the Print option. Check that everything looks good in the print preview and if you’ve selected the correct print settings. Once you’re ready, click the print button and wait for your printer to finish the job.

You can also keep a PDF copy of your calendar on your computer. Just make sure you select the Export to PDF option to download your calendar.

Alternatively, you can use Photobook Press to make a beautiful custom wall calendar. After picking the template you like, their online customization tool provides options that let you change the background or add borders to your calendar. Explore different styles such as flora, vintage and contemporary. That’s not all! Brighten up your calendar with clipart inside the online tool. You’ll find a wide selection of seasonal, romantic, and cute design elements in the clipart collection. Furthermore, you can even add filters to your photos to create different effects. No additional photo-editing apps are required. Everything can be done with Photobook Press’s custom calendar-making tool.

Custom calendars are also awesome for decorating your room or office space. Looking at favorite photos on your calendar is a good way to relax your mind from work. You can also impress your colleagues with a unique calendar that only belongs to you!