How A Custom Wall Calendar Helps With Business Branding

by Alex Melen on September 29, 2022

How A Custom Wall Calendar Helps With Business Branding

Despite the presence of digital calendars on smartphones, laptop computers, desktops and tablets, a traditional custom business calendar has an enduring popularity, and below are some ways it can help you promote your brand.

They are Practical

One advantage that physical calendars have over their digital counterparts is the ability to add post it notes or write specific reminders. This makes them a necessity as successful entrepreneurs often have demanding schedules where it can be difficult to keep track of everything. Having a calendar readily available in the office allows them to check it anytime to ensure they’ve handled everything on their to do list.

They’re Affordable

While customized calendars retain a high value perception, they are actually quite affordable to produce and purchase. In fact, when you compare them to other advertising practices such as radio, TV, billboards and the internet, you’ll never waste money on messages which miss their target. This is because you’ll have complete control with regard to who gets it’s, which means the message can be better targeted to a specific party.

They’re Stylish and Sophisticated

When it comes to style and sophistication, there is no comparison between the default calendars used on smartphones and computers versus customized print calendars. This is because custom calendars can be made with endless themes which range from wildlife to fashion, sports, technology and more. And unlike digital calendars, which you have to use an electronic device to access, physical calendars are hung on walls where everyone who visits your office gets to see them. Not only does this promote your brand, but can also boost the decorum of your office.

They’re Easy to Use

While digital calendars are easy to use, traditional calendars are easier. No device has to be turned on, plugged in or its battery recharged; all you need to do is get up and look at it. When well made, it won’t wear out or shatter if dropped. Furthermore, your contact details and marketing messages will always be displayed prominently. Because customized calendars lie flat along walls, they only use a minimal amount of space which means you can add others items such as paintings or portraits.

Which Types of Calendars is Best?

There are lots of options for custom calendars, with one of the most popular being those that use photography. They will display full sized color photos which are vibrant and professionally shot. They can be used to showcase your services, products, or the places you’ve traveled. They typically come in sizes such as 11” x 17” where you can add a name, logo or branding information. They also come in numerous themes, which range from hunting to landscapes or animals. Images of high end exotic automobiles or bathing suit models also have an enduring popularity.

The material you use in your calendar is extremely important. The highest quality models are made with materials such as UV resistant gloss coatings or matte. They will also have five millimeter holes drilled through which makes them easy to hang.