What To Write In A Funeral Guest Book

by Alex Melen on October 10, 2022


A funeral guest book can be used as a form of thoughtful stationary, but it is important to know which information should be included in it. These books may be purchased over the web or in physical stores, and below are some tips for properly using and filling them out.

What is the Purpose of Such Guest Books?

Guest books for funerals are designed to contain words which are sentimental, while also giving attendees the opportunity to convey thoughts or memories of the person who is deceased. These manuscripts are primarily geared towards their loved ones, as a way of demonstrating gratitude.

The funeral day is often difficult and busy for everyone involved, and as such it might be challenging to keep track of everyone who is attending the event, particularly if the deceased was a famous person who had lots of admirers. These guest books assist the family in determining the number of people in attendance.

Where Should the Funerary Guest Book be Located?

The guest book is usually positioned on the easel by the front room entrance where you plan for funeral services to be held. This makes it easy for those who enter to sign it shortly after their arrival. The book may remain open for the duration of the funeral service and can then be closed once the event ends. Sometimes the information that is contained within will be revealed privately after the main service is complete.

Things to Include in Funerary Guest Books

There are a number of things you’ll want to include in funerary guest books and the more detailed the better. This information is crucial since it enables future generations to learn about the person who died and the people that cared about them.

Most people know little about their ancestors. They might know the names or have a photo album of them, but specific details of their life or personality is generally not known. Funerary guest books provide the opportunity to teach future generations about their ancestors and who they were as people.

You can talk about experiences or memoirs that you had with the deceased, and if possible you want to keep them positive. You might also highlight their accomplishments or notable things they achieved in their careers. You can also share things they did for the family and how they helped the larger community.

How to Fill Out the Guest Book

It isn’t enough to know “what” to put in a funerary guest book, you must also know how. The very first thing you should include is your name. If the guestbook is traditional, you won’t have much room to add anything else.

If sufficient space is available, the next thing you’ll want to add is the association you had with the deceased. If you’re not a relative of the person who passed away, you’ll want to put your name and the manner in which you knew them. The last thing you want to add is a kind message and be sure everything you write is legible.