4 Reasons You Need Memorial Guest Books

by Alex Melen on September 29, 2022

4 Reasons You Need Memorial Guest Books

Guest books for funeral frequently appear at memorial services. Aside from making it easy to keep track of attendees, they can also function as a record which highlights the positive memoirs of the deceased. Below are four reasons why you should always use them.

Gather Contact Information

It is important to thank the attendees for paying their respects while providing support to the family. Memorial guest books can be helpful because they enable you to gather contact information that may be used to communicate with attendees in the future. Depending on the number of guests who are present, you might not be able to talk to all of them personally at the funeral, but by allowing them to include their contact info in a guest book you can reach out of them later.

Establish a Permanent Memento

A funeral is a one-time event for the deceased and as such the funerary guestbook is something you’ll want to permanently cherish. It serves as a record of memories in the form of a tangible and physical object which will help you grieve and reflect. Equally important, it establishes a memento which can last for generations and enable your future descendants to learn more about the family’s history.

Serves as a Manuscript for Sharing Stories

Classical funerary guest books are often little more than documents where you sign in, but you ideally want a funerary registry book which offers more. These manuscripts typically offer lots of space where the attendees are encouraged to write detailed messages while sharing personal memories they had with the person that passed away.

While these guest books are usually associated with loved ones of the deceased, others can also fill them out as well. An example of this would be a co-worker that was employed in the same business as the deceased who became friends with them, and they share a story of something noteworthy they did on the job.

Or childhood friends can highlight positive moments that they shared with the deceased during their childhood.  When done properly, such memories become celebratory, and can liven up an event which is otherwise dark. During or after the funeral, reading through the anecdotes can provide a bright picture of the deceased while minimizing the sorrow.

Aids in Grieving

Grieving is a normal and healthy way of responding to the loss of a loved one. But did you know that a funerary guest book can play a positive role in it? This is because such memorial books give friends and loved ones the opportunities to express their thoughts, which is a way of coping with the loss. Without such manuscripts, their emotions may remain bottle up within, which isn’t healthy.

The guest book is more than just a document for recording memories, it is also an outlet that can allow loved ones to express and release their emotions through the power of the written word. Even better, these words can be read later by others which will move and inspire them, while creating an appreciation for life in general.m