7 Guest Book Ideas For Funeral

by Alex Melen on September 29, 2022

7 Guest Book Ideas For Funeral

Most guest books for funeral are conventional and record information such as names and perhaps a short passage. But below are seven unique ideas that can transform your guest book into something truly special that your family will cherish for generations to come.

Heart Framed Guest Book

This type of guest book consists of heart tags which friends and loved ones will sign then place within a drop box rather than signing a standard guestbook. It results in a wonderful keepsake which can be hung inside the home so that you can remember all the people that demonstrated their support and love.

Thumbnail Guest Book

Perhaps one of the most popular and precious guest books is a thumbnail manuscript. It differs from traditional guest books since it involves gathering the thumb prints of friends and loved ones which can then be placed within a scrapbook. Every attendee can also include their initials or name, and when complete you’ll have a nice memorial tree which will visually display the many lives that the deceased influenced.

Memorial Quilt

Family quilts have served as heirlooms for hundreds of years, and can be used for funerary purposes. To create it you’ll need to request lots of cloth pieces from friends and family members in order to fabricate the finished quilt. The quilt squares will need to be set out and then permanently marked, and you can ask the guest to sign its squares or inscribe memories or goodbye notes.

Globe Style Guestbook

This is an uncommon type of guest book that will primarily appeal to deceased loved ones who enjoyed traveling. Instead of an actual book, it will appear as a globe where guests can sign specific places where they traveled with the deceased, or possibly even places they intend to visit someday which was inspired by their friend or loved one that passed away.

Engraved Laser Wooden Album

Another great idea is utilizing a wooden photo album that is engraved instead of a standard guestbook. You might include photos that guests can flip through, while also adding paper based inserts which guests can sign. This will culminate in a family heirloom style album that will include signatures, notes and photos that was taken from all those who came to the funeral. The woods which are most commonly used are either walnut or rosewood.

Classical Rustic Leather Guestbook

These are a 19th century inspired guest books that will appeal to many people. Similar to the engraved laser wooden album that was previously mentioned, the rustic leather guest book will include photos as well as passages where families can write about the positive memories they had of the deceased.

Loving Memory Guestbook

This is the most elegant and costly guestbook on the list, largely because of the material it uses. It is specifically designed for funerals and memorial services and features a cover which is black flocked on top of silver, with darkened accents that are silk trimmed and finished using a central overlay that is silver foiled. A dark tie/ribbon is used to close it. Every page features a scriptural verse near the bottom, while also encouraging loved ones to add their prayers and memories.